Instagram Fitness: 5 of Instagram’s Most Influential Fitness Icons

By | September 18, 2018

With the recent explosion of social media, it’s no wonder that fitness enthusiasts have moved onto the scene and taken the online world by storm. Fitness models can be found on a variety of platforms, but are most popular on Instagram, where they can share their successes with their followers and the world. If you haven’t came across any of these fitness icons during your daily Instagram session yet, here are a few of the most popular and influential Instagram fitness models.

Michelle Lewin @michelle_lewin

Michelle Lewin has been on the Instagram fitness scene for a decent amount of time. She was born in Venezuela, and has been featured on Playboy covers. Her career started with catwalk modeling but quickly moved to bikini modeling when she gained more than 20 pounds of lean muscle  by working out and eating a balanced diet. She shares pictures and videos of her workouts on both Instagram and YouTube to inspire others to lose weight and be as healthy as they can.

Jen Selter @jenselter

Most of us have heard the name Jen Selter, however, many of us didn’t realize how influential she is. Jen Selter is a popular Instagram model who focuses her account on fitness and health. Her love for fitness started when she was 15, and has since built up a substantial social media following on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram.She has appeared in television shows, and sold both books and videos showcasing her various workout routines.

Ulisses Jr. @ulissesworld

As a child, Ulisses took an interest in fitness and bodybuilding, as well as sports. However, he was one of the smallest in his weight class. He made up for it by rigorous training at the gym, where he bulked up by using a combination of intense workouts and great nutrition. At 19, he began to compete in bodybuilding competitions and in 2013, switched gears to become a fitness coach and put his knowledge and physique to good use.

Lazar Angelov @Lazar_Angelov_Official

A notable online fitness trainer, Lazar Angelov is one of the most highly sought after trainers on Instagram. He inspires his followers with inspirational photos, quotes, and and pictures of his clients beautifully sculpted, strong bodies. He has created his own diet plan and has written a successful novel related to fitness.

Eva Andressa @eva_andressa

Considering herself to be too skinny in her teens, Eva Andressa started her fitness career by signing up at a local gym. However, she left due to not having fitness guidance. Upon meeting her future husband, she returned to fitness and began to enter competitions. After years of successful competitions, she switched paths to focus on being a fitness model. She has appeared on television and in magazines.

If anyone can inspire today’s sweet-food loving society, it’s fitness models. And with Instagram being such a popular media outlet for a range of generations, it’s the best place to be inspired. What do you think? Who is the most inspiring model on this list? Who should have been included?

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