Working traveling: office? It is not necessary

By | July 20, 2018

How many would like to visit new jobs for jobs all over the world! Working traveling is possible, and there are many occupations that allow it. And without paying even the expenses that you normally face on a holiday. It’s much better than being in an office , where unfortunately a trip can only be done with imagination!

For example, a professional photographer. Whether for a newspaper or for his shop, the photojournalist is sent wherever there is a fact to be immortalized, which is a rare example of a lion in Kenya or a war zone, where however there is a high risk for his own safety . Along the same lines also the profession of journalist, like some of the main Italian newscasts, who live in big cities, like Paris or Berlin, even for many weeks.

But there are also jobs that allow you to travel abroad without risking your life, like the two professions mentioned above. The most common figure is that of the hostess or steward . The crew of a plane, generally consisting of five to eight people, flies over the skies around the world and between one flight and another also have the opportunity to visit the country of arrival, in addition to having a luxurious hotel room paid by the airline. The same thing for the drivers, of course.

Even knowing languages well is a quality to be exploited: now all companies that have relationships with foreign countries are looking for people who know at least two languages, so that they can be sent to other countries for different jobs, as simple diplomacy or to conclude important international business. And so, a trip to work can also lead a pleasant stay in four-star hotel in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In the world of languages, even becoming a tour guide allows you to travel, perhaps relying on companies that promote these occupations. In addition to traveling, you can enter the major museums without paying the ticket price.

Finally, technology and the web also help to work while traveling. Opening a blog where you tell your experiences around the world is a great way to get known. There are many sites that have become known in this way, and as you become famous and acquire an audience, the ticket of the plane or ship and the payment of hotels will no longer be a problem, indeed; the hoteliers themselves will pay for the trip, in exchange for a positive review that encourages customers to stay in that particular hotel rather than in others.

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